MCCGSL performs ceremonies to celebrate sacred relationships including marriage, civil union, and domestic partnership.

Will you welcome me and my relationships? A church from our denomination, the Metropolitan Community Churches, was the first to legally marry a same-gender couple. MCCGSL has been performing same-gender ceremonies for over 45 years. Gay and straight, men and women, cisgender and transgender, monogamous and polyamorous…all loving relationships are celebrated here. We would love to be a part of your special day!

For whom are you willing to perform ceremonies? We perform ceremonies for any adults who wish to publicly celebrate their loving commitments, regardless of membership in our church. Our clergy are licensed and happy to perform weddings. All marriages, including same-gender marriages, performed at MCCGSL are legal. 

Do you perform ceremonies that do not involve the State? We also perform Commitment Ceremonies that simply provide an opportunity for couples to promise to love each other for life without involving the State. Holy Unions and Commitment Ceremonies, though not legally recognized by the State, are observed by our denomination and by God.

Where and when can we have our ceremony? We perform ceremonies in our beautiful facility, as well as other locations, including homes, in nature, or in a meaningful place of your choice. We are happy to perform weddings at almost any time, depending on clergy availability. However, we recommend that you plan your ceremony at least 3 to 6 months in advance, so that we might best honor your special day. We will work with you to see what best suits your relationship, traditions, and values.

Are there costs for weddings? A quality occasion requires careful planning with the assistance of professional staff. Therefore, there is a schedule of fees for staff services and donations for use of facilities. The actual costs will vary depending on the type of service and its location.  

Pastoral Honorarium $300 (includes pre-ceremony counseling, rehearsal, and ceremony)

Will be discussed as a part of the rental agreement:

  • MCCGSL Sanctuary or Chapel
  • MCCGSL Fellowship Hall
  • Administrative Fee
  • Pianist
  • Vocalist/Soloist

Will be discussed if church equipment will be used for the service:

  • Sound Tech
  • Visual Tech

What about enhancements?
We leave the responsibility for flowers, photography, invitations, ushers, and reception to you.  However, we will gladly offer suggestions or ideas to assist!


Please contact the church staff if you are interested in ceremonies at our church and/or having one of pastors perform your ceremony.