If We Simply Believe


This is the interesting thing about miracles: Those who do not believe in them do not experience them. Even if they experience a miracle, they will have an alternative explanation like fate, luck, a drug, or a faulty test. However, those who do believe can attest to the many miracles they have witnessed and experienced in their own lives and in the lives of those around them. They see God's miraculous work all the time.

Doing the work of miracles also requires belief. If we are to claim the miracles God has for us as a congregation, we must believe that we can be a part of one; we must have faith in ourselves and in our God. When we dare to dream big it is not so much a test of our ability, but it is a test of our faith. Will you dare to place your trust in God?

This is a big and serious question. Some of us have risked putting our faith in God before, and we feel let down by the God we were taught about. Others of us put our faith in a church, and we were hurt when we realized that church people have all the same flaws as non-church people. 

Today...really every day...is your chance to have your faith renewed. Each day is offers an opportunity to see that while "church" may occasionally disappoint us, God never will. Scripture says that while we may be faithless, God will remain faithful. Even if we don't keep up our end of the bargain, the Spirit of God will never fail or falter. Open your eyes to the miracles God is trying to show you today. Let your faith be renewed by the Lover of Your Soul. What greater miracle is there than that?