Penny Power.jpg

Sometimes it is the simplest things in life that have the greatest impact. A number of years ago I watched a five-year-old named Aharon give a fellow church member a penny. The man was obviously having a rough time, and Aharon turned to him and said, “Here take my penny. I found it yesterday, and it was a lucky penny, you know? Head’s up. It should help make things better.” And it did. Not because the penny was lucky, but because in Aharon’s hands it became worth far more than one cent. It transported the man into a new and better reality.

The problems of this world are too much when we begin to think about how we might overcome them all. And yet, if we are to learn anything from Aharon, we must consider whether the real solution is found in seeking world-changing ideas. Perhaps the best path is in the small stuff? Rather than trying to solve the world's biggest problems, maybe we can give a single person a reason for renewed hope or just help transport them for a moment to better reality.

That is small-scale change, no doubt. But, it is miraculously large in its impact. In my view of Jesus, he was more of a penny-sharing kind of world-changer anyway. What do you think?