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Last Sunday in worship, Pastor Lillie helped us explore what it might be like to live out a "We Culture" instead of an "I Culture." Many of you asked for the principles she shared for living in a "We Culture" so here they are:

  • It is more important to get right than to be right

  • When you are part of a "we" group, it is not about you

  • Be loving and kind, it is not that hard (and if it is hard, it’s on you, not on others)

  • Be vulnerable...it is the best way to open your heart

  • The impact of your communication matters just as much as your intent

  • When there is conflict, go directly to the one with whom you have the conflict

  • Learn to have a "viewing point" rather than a "point of view"

  • Care for each other every day, not just on the days when there is a crisis

  • Show up

As we get closer to starting our new Meetup Groups, we'll have more and more opportunities to learn to live a "We Culture" together. Get yourself signed up for a group and get ready to make new friends, have fun and grow in your faith!