A Large Dose of Hope


Does your faith include a large dose of hope? For me, hope is the key ingredient to my faith. My hope is for a future that is more brilliant than any I can imagine anyplace on this Earth…and I have a really good imagination! My faith memories begin when I was both a crippled and an abused child, listening to my Sunday School teachers and the pastor who stood in that very Lutheran pulpit spewing his very traditional theology that I have long since moved beyond. I began praying back then. Just as they taught me, I folded my hands, closed my eyes, and struggled for words, not feeling worthy. I also remember sitting in my empty basement when I was hurting, just talking to God, eyes wide open, looking for help or asking questions I couldn’t get the answers to. This, I learned as I grew spiritually, was real prayer. How could I do that? Because I believed in hope. Hope for a better tomorrow. Hope for today. As I matured spiritually, God brought me out of that Egypt. Now, I have an amazing life partner who thrills me every day I live, grandchildren who bring me great joy - one in particular whom many of you know and love right along with me. Hope has convicted me that much, much more awaits me at the end of this broken road. Frankly, hope works. My faith is built upon it. My prayer is that my hope gives you more hope today.