Join Us As We Slow Down for Lent

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If you have not yet signed up for our daily Lenten reflections, I wanted to share a sample with you in case you still want to join us. Here is the devotional thought for tomorrow:

 Fridays are such a mixed bag when it comes to trying to connect with our unhurried God. On the one hand, it is a day that, at least for many, represents the last bit of work for the week and the possibility of some weekend rest on the horizon...something that could help us find the unhurried God. However, too often we end up balancing so many commitments that our weekends, and our Fridays specifically, can be even fuller than our weekdays. We often end up tacking on extra Friday evening activities and commitments, we try to add in some time to clean up the house or do some laundry, or we pull even longer hours than normal trying to wrap up some work that the boss said we had to finish by the end of the week. For those in retail it is even worse as Friday signals the beginning of the busiest time of the week--far from a time for rest. 

 Wherever you are in your day, week, or weekend plans, can you take a few minutes now to intentionally slow your pace? Here is one idea for you to try. Since there are 48 hours in a typical 2-day weekend, I encourage you to find a still place to sit and prayerfully slow down as you count 48 breaths: in and out 1, in and out 2, in and out 3. If you’ve been racing to and fro, let this be a chance to slow your breathing down a bit. The Holy Spirit is described as the breath of God. God breathed life into Adam’s nostrils in Genesis 2. Let's take these 48 breaths and use them to reflect on the way that God’s Holy Spirit is constantly breathing life into our bodies.

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