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We got off to a great start to our Motown Series last Sunday. If you missed it, be sure to watch the sermon video below because it opens with a great Motown medley by our choir! With all the busyness of our church these days, I also want to encourage you to sign up for the daily affirmation emails that go along with this series as well (see below). They will add a meaningful element to your experience of this July series.

Last Sunday, we focused on the Hope that can be found in the message and music of Motown. This Sunday we will look more deeply at the source of that hope by looking at what lies behind the music. There is a rich history that made all of that movin' and groovin' possible! I hope you have enjoyed some time with family and friends this holiday and are able to join us on Sunday! Maybe bring a family member or friend along with you! May God bless you today and always!