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I am very excited to begin sharing our new series with you entitled, "The Faith We Sing: Motown." Each summer I partner with the talented folks in our music ministry to bring a new installment of this series. Each music genre we have explored has been special in their own way, and I am certain that the Spirit led us to Motown for this year. It is going to be the perfect message for the culturally divisive and uncivil times we are living in.

The music of Motown, born out of racially- and economically-tense 1960s Detroit, has a powerful message for the events happening in our current times. The Motown Gospel offers hope when people are despairing and worried. The Motown Gospel proclaims justice to those who are oppressed and disenfranchised. And the Motown Gospel brings love to a world that is tempted to choose hate. All this and more lies ahead for us over the next several weeks at MCC. I hope you will make plans to join us, sing along, and explore the Motown Gospel!